Sunday, August 4, 2013

Music Up-and-Comers!

I'VE BEEN BLESSED to meet some incredibly talented musicians in my life. For a taste of powerhouse vocals or wicked guitar playing, check out these soloists/bands who sing from the heart: 

1. Tess Henley
I remember in high school we wished she'd join choir--she was amazing then and she's unstoppable now! Hell yeah for Seattle-area talent :)

2. Sheldon Botler
In college, Sheldon told me he could sing. He proceeded to sing--and play--an original that just makes you stop everything you're doing and listen.  

3. Bearfoot Bluegrass (now just Bearfoot)
My aunt and cousin have long coordinated bluegrass music camps in Alaska that grew so popular, they have since spread across the US to Hawai'i. There's a heart and soul in Bearfoot's music that is pure, honest, and wicked fun to listen to. My cousin Mike used to play just guitar in the band, but the other members convinced him to sing. Fans were glad they did!

Current Bearfoot members include Angela Oudean, Jason Norris, Todd Grebe, and Megan McCormick.

For more on Cordova 4-H Bluegrass Music Camps, visit:

The earlier you start playing, the better! And you can learn tin whistle, how crazy is that?

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