Thursday, February 13, 2014

Twinja Book Reviews Talks Diversity in YA Fantasy/Sci Fi on "A Kind Love" Radio


And the more times I have it, the more I become aware

As someone who is incorporated into the "dominant" narrative--white, heterosexual, Puritan America--it is sometimes too easy to forget (or overlook) the historical/social infrastructure propping it up. As I grow older, however, I realize that a fantasy book full of white characters isn't the world I live in. When I watch TV shows and listen to the language used to describe the cast, it becomes increasingly obvious which types of characters are marginalized.

This is the sort of conversation that needs to happen many, many times at different times and in different places. If the dominant narrative is constructed, then it can be re-constructed in a different way--a way more open to old identities and new ones that will inevitably emerge from all of our beautiful, painful, scarred interactions.

Guinevere and Libertad of Twinja Book Reviews recently sat down with "A Kind Love: A Kind Voice on Books" radio host Eden Blackwell (beautiful name) along with three other fellow book bloggers to talk story, share book recommendations, and explain in-depth the mission behind Twinja's multicultural platform. Thank you so much for featuring Changeling Sisters I: "Year of the Wolf" among your recommendations, Libertad!

Memorable Quotes of the Interview:

“When I walk down the street, I see many different types of people... So I find it very difficult that a person could only write a book full of one thing.” --Guinevere on challenging a publishing world that solely promotes a "dominant" narrative of white, heterosexual characters

“I don’t feel like I can identify with just one thing” --Libertad on sharing the twins' personal background of many interweaving identities that resonate with them.

You can listen to the radio broadcast here

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