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Year of the Rat (December 2018)
Changeling Sisters #4

Welcome to the Long Night. Scurry, scurry, little mice. Wait too long and the Lords of Walking Death shall find you…

THE DRAGON’S PEARL has shattered in the heart of Seoul, unleashing a storm of curses great enough to drive people into a mindless zombie rage. Sensing an opportunity to crush the Were Nation’s stronghold once and for all, the Frost King Aleksandr lays siege from the north with an army out of Slavic legend. Meanwhile within the city, something more terrible still haunts the frightened civilians.

Still reeling over the shock of betrayal, Citlalli Alvarez has been separated from her half-sister Raina and her family. Now trapped within a nightmarish Seoul and unable to make contact with the outside world, Citlalli’s werewolf pack teams up with the dragon-shifter Yong twins in a desperate last stand. As Were agencies from across the globe intervene to stop the spirit world’s secret from leaking out, Citlalli, Ankor, Sun Bin, and the mysterious Vampyre Prince Khyber attempt to find the lost Dragon King, who may be the only one powerful enough to save Seoul.

Meanwhile, Raina gets drawn into Rafael’s crusade for revenge that takes them deep into the mountains of Japan, to the Vampyre Court’s notorious Death Palace. However, a familiar face from Rafael’s past reemerges, and Raina is faced with a choice of how far she will go for vengeance.

As the war against the Vampyre Court engulfs the streets of Seoul, no one is safe and nothing is certain. Before the Long Night can end, the price of power must be paid.

The Staff of Aaron (early 2019)
Afterlife Chronicles Book II

(Forthcoming Sequel to The Tribe of Ishmael; description to come

Year of the Rabbit (late 2019)
Changeling Sisters Novella #3.5

Newly turned werewolf Rafael Dominguez traveled to the far side of the world for one thing: to take revenge on the vampyre who murdered his family. What he discovered was a lone werewolf pack struggling to stand against a vicious vampyre army poised to claim the East for their queen.

Captured and sent to Japan’s notorious Death Palace, where any Were who enters is never seen again, Rafael is pitted against fellow shapeshifters in the cruel games of Takakazu, a mad genius vampyre prince left twisted and broken after World War II. If he is to do the impossible and escape, then Rafael must fight for more than revenge.

If he is to stop the vampyres once and for all, then he must become a leader.

This is the third Changeling Sisters Novella recommended to read after Year of the Dragon.

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