Thursday, June 5, 2014

Year of the Boar, the first Changeling Sisters Novella, coming June 15th

That's in 10 days! 

Dramatic Cover Reveal...

 ...A plunge into the ocean, quite appropriate for the summer, don't ya think?


THERE IS A MYSTERIOUS SPIRIT WORLD running parallel to our own, full of creeping moʻo, canoes that fly on air, and dutiful Nightmarchers…and it’s under attack by an ancient waking evil. 

Welcome to Eve. 

KHYBER: All this cursed Vampyre Prince wants is a way to die. A Hawaiian snow goddess promises him a sure demise…if he befriends and destroys a girl of mixed lineage on Oʻahu named Tica Dominguez, who is more than what she seems. 

TICA: Growing up on the vibrant island of Oʻahu with her Peruvian mother and her older brother, Rafael, Tica Dominguez looked forward to being the brainiac marine biologist who would save her family’s dwindling fortune. Instead, Tica is the cancer girl. After she loses an arm to the deadly bone disease, Tica can’t swim. Can’t surf. Can’t live. A mysterious and seductive new student named Jinho promises to understand her pain, but what Tica doesn’t know is that shadows have come to her island home. And Jinho has a secret that could threaten everything she cherishes.

One wants to die and the other wants to live. What choices they make will generate a wave of tragic romance and self-destructive revenge…and alter the fate of the spirit world.

YEAR OF THE BOAR (Changeling Sisters #1.5) is a flashback novel to Rafael's childhood on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu. It is narrated primarily by his younger sister, Tica, and Vampyre Prince Khyber. The story features heavy spoilers for Changeling Sisters I: YEAR OF THE WOLF, so if you haven't already, drop by my Changeling Sisters page to see what this series is all about! (A diverse world of shape-shifters saving the spirit world from an evil vampyre queen, kick-ass fight scenes, family drama, romance--you know, that sort of thing).

I didn't intend for this story to be so long (twenty-five chapters) but Tica surprised me with her stubbornness and her unique voice. In YEAR OF THE WOLF, we hear Rafael's tragic tale about his childhood, but when we see what happened through Tica's eyes, we realize that quite a few things were left out. Scary, world-shattering things. I truly enjoyed writing this novella because it reminded me of how briefly we scrape the surface of other peoples' lives, and how little we may actually know about them. Plus, I got to explore Hawaiian folklore, which is pretty cool! Some of you may be wondering, "Where does the boar come into all of this?" Do not fear. All shall be revealed :D

This free novella will be released weekly chapter by chapter on, and it will also come to Goodreads at some point in the future. I've always been interested in how ebooks have changed what a book is: no longer is there one finished form of it. An e-version can be revisited time and time again to improve it, although at some point you just have to declare it done. As such, you as the reader get to enjoy an advanced read and watch my editing process unfold; you can even participate with Wattpad's awesome comments section! There was a lot of challenging material to research in this novella, such as bone cancer and Hawaiian phrases, so any mistakes I've made are my own and will be addressed for the final draft. Eventually this novella will be available on

I've met a lot of amazing people along my journey in indie publishing, many of whom are on I'd really like to thank every reader/reviewer who has invested time in my books and left me great, insightful feedback (you know who  you are!). For fans of the series, I couldn't have come this far without you! So please enjoy this freebie :) Year of the Dragon is next on my list to write!

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