Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Reasons Why I’m Signing Up to be a Diverse Book Tours Blog Host

TWINJA BOOK REVIEWS hosts Guinevere and Libertad have teamed up with book blogger and founder Sasha to bring us Diverse Book Tours! These three have already established a meaningful online presence by fostering literary communities dedicated to discussing and discovering books with a commitment to diversity. They are critically honest, welcoming, and ask the necessary tough questions to help readers and authors alike grow! Their latest endeavor, Diverse Book Tours, offers a platform for authors to connect readers to books that put pressure on the idea that society’s status quo is natural and unified.

I’m looking forward to participating as a Diverse Book Tours host. Here are a couple reasons:

       1. A personal desire to explore new worlds—or worlds that have always been there, but are often white-washed, dismissed, or demonized. There are many mythologies out there that I’m completely unfamiliar with or have a lot of misconceptions about, like from African or Southeast Asian nations, so I’m hungry for an experience outside of Western European-style mythology. I want to read more books that take on complex histories (like how would you approach a fantasy story set in a place so incredibly ethnically diverse as India?)  and learn more about the world in the process. As a Diverse Book Tour host, I’ll have the opportunity to do just that.

      2. To challenge our literary community to grow stronger with differing, dissenting voices. They say every story’s been told but it’s the way it’s told that makes it come across as new, creative, or unique. Many diverse stories already exist but they haven’t gained traction, sometimes because they don’t feature “normal”—white, able-bodied, straight—protagonists, and they don’t follow “normal” Puritanical, patriarchal, nuclear-family type lifestyles. Diverse stories make us more aware of the power dynamics in our own communities and underline how much of history depends on perspective. Helping readers live an experience from a different angle is a crucial gift of storytelling—let’s not pretend there is one way to live and one person to be.
       3. Free Stuff. Good free stuff, not like bookmarks or a box of pencils. To celebrate the countdown to Launch on September 1st, you can enter a giveaway to win Amazon/Barnes and Noble Gift Cards & hot diverse books like The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K.  Jemisin and The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan.

So I trust I will see you there, eh? (Virtually) Check it out!

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