Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017 Book Review: Alpha Goddess

By Amalie Howard
~Book Review~

*Minor spoilers*

A QUICK SKIM READ. I was very excited about Alpha Goddess, a book featuring Hindu mythology, but despite name-dropping a deity here and there, I’m not seeing the connections. I’m not feeling the world come to life like I do in Rick Riodan’s Percy Jackson series. The only character who was remotely interesting was Kyle, and even his plot line felt surface level and juvenile. Still, he encountered some difficult ethical situations here and there, and you kinda felt sorry for the guy.

Sera is the main character, our typical vanilla heroine who starts having weird dreams and comes to find out she is the reincarnation of the goddess Lakshmi, who has a unique heritage that allows her to travel to all planes of existence, including heaven/hell. As such, the demons of hell are out to use her for their plan to invade heaven. Sera can shoot fire from her hands which is pretty cool.

However, that is about all I was able to follow in the scattered, vague writing style before I lost interest. I’ve read Karsten Knight’s Wildefire series which features Ashline Wilde, a similar “normal” girl who discovers she is a reincarnation of Pele, the volcano goddess, and unlike in this book, you actually believe it. There is the volatility of Ashline’s temper, her extreme reactions, and her daring to test the line between good and bad that makes things interesting and absorbs you in the story. However, Sera was just kind of cookie-cutter and never fleshed out. I never got a sense of the goddess she was supposed to be, except that she was “good at everything.” Same goes for Dev, another god reincarnated. The demons were your standard cackling evil baddies. I did like Kyle, a prince of Hell, who suffered the most and had the most at stake.

When I walked away from the story, I didn’t feel like I’d learned anything new about Hindu mythology – there were a lot of different mythologies wrapped up in this story, so if anything, I was a bit more confused. Sadly, I’ll have to continue my search for the next young deities series to devour!

Recommend for fans of: Karsten Knight, Kiersten White, Rachel Hawkins
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