Changeling Sisters Series

Changeling Sisters Series

Welcome! This is the home the Changeling Sisters Series, an urban fantasy saga. There will be six Changeling Sisters novels and six novellas in the series total.


THERE IS A MYSTERIOUS SPIRIT WORLD running parallel to our own, full of ghosts, vampyres, and shape-shifters…and it’s in trouble. Two sisters are about to discover just how much trouble, when they get caught up in a paranormal war brewing on the streets of Seoul that threatens both the living and the dead.

Welcome to Eve. 


CITLALLI: Headstrong and fierce, the middle Alvarez daughter has a love-hate relationship with her family, especially after the difficult move to South Korea…but she will go to any lengths necessary to protect them, even if it means losing her soul.

RAINA: Thoughtful and gentle, the youngest Alvarez has felt unwanted for as long as she can remember, because she was the child of an affair that tore the family apart. Now confronted by a seductive evil that promises her the love and acceptance she’s always dreamed about, Raina must choose what defines her and who her real family is.

One thing’s for sure: when your allies are a spirit gatekeeper and a revenge-fixated pack of werewolves facing off against the deadly Vampyre Queen and her seven sons, then the only thing you can do is make this “Year of the Dog,” more aptly named, THE YEAR OF THE WOLF.

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THERE IS A MYSTERIOUS SPIRIT WORLD running parallel to our own, overrun by hateful spirits and starving ghosts ever since the self-proclaimed Vampyre Queen Maya upset the previous Ruling Lady…and now its fate will be determined by one unforgettable Lunar New Year.

Welcome to Eve.


CITLALLI: As sides in the Were War grow blurrier, Citlalli’s hottie werewolf creator Rafael spirals deeper into the throes of vengeance against the vampyre prince who murdered his family. Citlalli must choose whether to follow his path of revenge or forge her own when she accepts an invitation to the treacherous Vampyre Court in Eve, on one last desperate attempt to save her half-sister.

RAINA: When her only friend in the sinister Vampyre Court is brutally killed, Raina’s tedious alliance with Vampyre Prince Khyber shifts. No longer sure whom to trust, the youngest Alvarez must explore her shunned heritage and discover for herself what it means to have a Changeling Soul.

As the Were Alliance aligns against Queen Maya’s bloodsucking brood, enslaved ghosts, and trickster Dark Spirits, both sisters realize that the key to ending Maya’s nightmarish reign lies in how it began, with an unlikely friendship between a girl and a tiger…

Chapter 3 Excerpt: Maya's Viewpoint

Khyber brings Raina to a mysterious memory well hidden in the gardens of the palace. Whose memories does the prince want to show her? Maya’s.
The PDF excerpt is available here.

Chapter 14 Excerpt: For her birthday, she didn't eat cake...

The only thing worse than not getting Raina back for her eighteenth birthday is who Citlalli gets to celebrate it with instead: Miguel and Rafael. The unlikely pair is more likely to start a war with one another than get along, but a surprise birthday dish may prove to unite all forces…

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“I was supposed to die, but I didn’t. I survived the war. The Vampyre Queen rallied us together: different nationalities; the living and the dead; hell, even a vampyre fought with us toward the end. But now, there’s nothing holding us together. And I begin to realize how many “friends” went into this expecting to come out alive because they have plans for this peninsula. They have plans for the city I call home…”

CITLALLI ALVAREZ rescued her sister, became Alpha of the Seoul werewolf pack, and restored balance to the spirit world of Eve—all while waiting tables on the weekends. However, she still can’t go to the Boryeong Mud Festival like a normal eighteen-year-old, not when her friend Una is a prisoner of a nine-hundred-year-old monster, and the side effects of having a broken soul have begun to splinter her personality irreversibly. Then there’s that little matter of being life-bonded to Vampyre Prince Khyber, whom her ex-lover Rafael has vowed to destroy no matter what. Priorities, priorities. 

Meanwhile, Raina Alvarez meets her father’s family, the prestigious and secretive Yong clan, who teach her the responsibilities that come along with being the new Spring Dragon. In order to take her place amongst the Celestial Dragons who oversee the turn of the seasons, Raina must compete in the Trials of Wisdom against her three cunning dragon-shifter siblings and face her fears of Eve.

However, not everyone is happy about the rise of the Celestial Dragons in the East. Gods of blood and nightmares begin to stir in the West. Old enemies join forces with ruthless new ones, eager to fill the power vacuum the Vampyre Queen left behind. 

After all, the only thing standing in their way is a pair of sisters.


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 YEAR OF THE BOAR (Novella #1.5)


THERE IS A MYSTERIOUS SPIRIT WORLD running parallel to our own, full of creeping moʻo, canoes that fly on air, and dutiful Nightmarchers…and it’s under attack by an ancient waking evil. 

Welcome to Eve. 

KHYBER: All this cursed Vampyre Prince wants is a way to die. A Hawaiian snow goddess promises him a sure demise…if he befriends and destroys a girl of mixed lineage on Oʻahu named Tica Dominguez, who is more than what she seems. 

TICA: Growing up on the vibrant island of Oʻahu with her Peruvian mother and her older brother, Rafael, Tica Dominguez looked forward to being the brainiac marine biologist who would save her family’s dwindling fortune. Instead, Tica is the cancer girl. After she loses an arm to the deadly bone disease, Tica can’t swim. Can’t surf. Can’t live. A mysterious and seductive new student named Jinho promises to understand her pain, but what Tica doesn’t know is that shadows have come to her island home. And Jinho has a secret that could threaten everything she cherishes.

One wants to die and the other wants to live. What choices they make will generate a wave of tragic romance and self-destructive revenge…and alter the fate of the spirit world.

  *Read the first five chapters on here.


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  1. Your book seems awesome!From the preview it's definitely something i believe i can sink my teeth into!

  2. Thanks Guinevere and Libertad! That's great to hear. It's certainly been quite the journey to see it through to completion, so I truly appreciate the support :)