Monday, May 30, 2016

May 2016 Book Review: Promise of Shadows


By Justina Ireland

~Book Review~

Warning! Spoilers!

FOR THOSE OF YOU IN MOURNING because Sarah Fine’s Sanctum series is over, just stay calm. STAY CALM. Promise of Shadows is here, and there is plenty of afterlife action in Tartarus. 

I am a big fan of afterlife stories in whatever underworld because they are creepy and cool, and Tartarus didn’t disappoint! Within the first several pages, we are introduced to Zephyr Mourning, the harpy with blue dreads, who has been condemned to the pit of suffering for killing a minor god. When we meet Zephyr, she is despondent and resigned. This minor god murdered her sister, and she was able to kill him by using Erebos, a forbidden dark magic. Only a god can wield that type of power.

Naturally, Greek gods being as self-preserving as they are, they don’t like this one bit. Zephyr has a big target on her back. She teams up with Cass, a shifty sort who may or may not be trustworthy, as well as a pair of hot brothers named Talon and Blue. Together, they fight their way out of Tartarus and try and discover the truth behind why certain gods want Zephyr dead.

I loved the first half of the book set in Tartarus. There are fantastic, nasty descriptions of the horror that goes on there, and there were all sorts of terrifying monsters. After they escape, there was a break in the action to focus on character development as well as the blossoming romance between Zephyr and Tallon, her childhood friend. It wasn’t the sexy swoon-worthy type, but more of a slow and gentle burn. We learn more about the Greek gods and how Zephyr’s sister ended up dead, and it all makes for a great, adventurous read. Highly recommended!

Recommended for fans of: Sarah Fine, Brenna Yovanoff, Susan Ee

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