Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 2016 Book Review: Alice in Zombieland


By Gena Showalter 

~Book Review~

Warning! Spoilers!

FROM LOOKING AT SOME OF THE OTHER REVIEWS on Goodreads, we expected the same thing: Alice stumbles into a dark and possibly more twisted Wonderland full of ZOMBIES. Chaos and terror commence!

No, it’s just Alice in high school fighting random soul-sucking corpses that are the product of a mysterious corporation.

Gawd I wanted zombieland! I wanted a maniac Cheshire Cat and a bloodthirsty Mad Hatter and oh man, was I excited for a Red Queen gone crazier than usual!

To give the book credit, it starts out really strong. The writing is simple, brooding, and created an aura of mystery. Alice’s family tragically perishes in a car accident when her father starts babbling about zombies. Turns out, they are phantoms that drift around and eat souls. In some faraway, magical landscape? No, around the boring-as-vanilla high school.

I also liked Alice at first, too. She meets a mysterious girl named Kat at the hospital, and they both seem to bond over their gruesome circumstances for being there. I had high hopes for the friendship once they started high school. However, unfortunately Alice ultimately didn’t come across as realistic. She always seemed to have the perfect come back against every bully. She was especially eloquent when compared to her man Cole the Neanderthal (We need to get some new bad boy names. Cole made me think of Maggie Stiefvator’s Shiver series every page).

The first couple times Alice meets Cole are exceedingly awkward because they both start having visions of making out with each other. Unfortunately this leads to “an instance connection” and the dreaded “insta-love,” which saps all of the tension out of that storyline. Cole is the mysterious leader of a bad boy gang who goes around hunting the weird soul-eating zombies. There’s an evil corporation involved, too, but their presence is barely felt until three-fourths of the way through the book.

As such, I’ve realized that this Alice in Zombieland isn’t in homage to Lewis Carroll, but to the Resident Evil franchise—rated T.

Recommended for fans of: Becca Fitzpatrick, Kresley Cole, Stephanie Meyer
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