Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day in South Korea

I HAD a conversation with a co-worker about the upcoming Valentine's Day, in which we both realized how very little time we had left to buy gifts for our respective boyfriends. She wasn't as worried as me, laughing it off with, "It's Valentine's Day. He has to buy me something." 

Very true in the U.S., but in South Korea, we would be up the creek without a paddle. In South Korea, February 14th is the first in a trifecta of dates celebrating love, on which the women shower the men with chocolates, flowers, and pizazz. Women look forward to March 14th, "White Day," on which the men return the favor. Most fun of all? "Black Day" on April 14th, on which all of the singles go out to eat a delicious Chinese dish known as jjajangmyeon, black bean noodles...and who knows? Maybe sparks will fly, or maybe they won't, but either way, it will be an entertaining time. Japan celebrates Valentine's Day/White Day as well.

Black Day Korea
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Yummy jjajangmyeon!

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