Monday, September 5, 2016

September 2016 Book Review: The Glittering Court


By Richelle Mead

~Book Review~ 


Warning! Spoilers!

THE GLITTERING COURT did manage to surprise me in some good and some bad ways. Let’s take its synopsis, for instance. At the mention that this was similar to The Selection, I was extremely hesitant because I skimmed through half of that book in boredom. However, since this is Richelle Mead, surely she can take one of these typical competitive “Learn How to Be A Lady,” schools and add a twist to it.

She definitely did. The second half of the book went all Wild, Wild West, and I was like, “Whoa, wait—now they’re mining for gold?” It’s okay. It kept things interesting.

Not much time is spent at The Glittering Court, where impoverished girls are sent to learn how to be a lady and marry some rich buck in the new frontier. The book does touch on the topic of colonialism and racism. Adelaide is a high class lady, but she trades in her lavish lifestyle for a chance at adventure on the New Frontier. Naturally, this makes Glittering Court school a breeze. Her roommates become her friends—Tamsin is convinced she is God’s gift to man, and Mira is a Sirminican refugee who gets treated like a second-class citizen because of her heritage.

Finally, there is Cedric. I did like how the romance was done. It was a forgone conclusion, but Adelaide added some spice to Cedric’s life, and Cedric was sweet, adorable, and loyal until the end. There were some parts that dragged, but I appreciate that Mead took the risk to make the story move from the court across the sea. It made the second half seem like a completely different story. Adelaide barely faces any repressions once her charade is found out, but hey, she’s a charmer.

I actually feel like this storyline could have been wrapped up in one book. However, there is a hint at politics, and the first peoples who live in the “new world” aren’t happy about the frontier towns popping up. Lastly, whatever secret Mira has is really bothering me! Mead didn’t give us any clue as to what she is up to the entire length of the book, and in my opinion, that was a pretty lame reveal at the end—basically, she’s up to something—and the big reveal is: she’s up to something and we still don’t know what that is.

The Glittering Court is expected to have three books total, but I’m not sure how she’ll be able to stretch the series that far. But as I said: it’s Richelle Mead; let the surprises continue!

Recommended for fans of: Kiera Cass, Cassandra Clare, and Veronica Rossi
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