Monday, August 6, 2012

Upcoming E-Book: Year of the Wolf

EXCITING, exciting news... 

Although I'm sad to have left all of you for so long, rest assured that I didn't take a year-long hiatus for nothing. To be released on Amazon Kindle this August 19, 2012 will be my first E-Book! 


Genre: Urban Fantasy




NINE YEARS AGO… Citlalli's eldest sister mysteriously vanished, after years of fighting off a strange illness with no cure.

A NEW START… Citlalli thought her family had left their tragic past behind when they moved to the techno-glamorous city of Seoul, South Korea. But then her youngest sister began developing the all-too familiar symptoms: pale skin, a revulsion toward meat, prattling on about seeing ghosts…

NO LONGER A CHILD… A chance confrontation late one night in the subway convinces Citlalli that something is hunting her family. Maybe an illness isn't an illness, but a mark… Either way, she will not stand by and be prey any longer.

NOW… When you start a war with beasts, how long before you become one yourself?

YEAR OF THE WOLF is the darkly-imagined, self-empowering journey of one girl's encounters with the supernatural side of Seoul.

This will be the first book in the ongoing Changeling Sisters series for adults, about a headstrong American girl tackling life in Seoul, South Koreaand crossing dangerous creatures in Eve, the alluring spirit world, one too many times. Inspired by Korean folklore and beautiful cities across the country, YEAR OF THE WOLF is told from a foreigner's perspective, as Citlalli Alvarez adapts, fights, and tangles with love.

Becoming a published author has been a longtime dream of mine, ever since age eleven, when I started writing stories for family and friends as birthday presents (I'd buy them presents, too. Sometimes). Writing, I soon discovered, is the easy part. The editing and revising process is the second act where your friends point out how many mistakes are glaring you straight in the face, and you wonder how you can repeat the most bizarre words far more than necessary (I think my overused word was "sliver." Random!)  Thank you to everyone who journeyed through Citlalli's Seoul with me. Your encouragement and support has been invaluable.

Buuut we're still not at Act Three yet: Storming the Publishers' Gates. Sometimes it feels like you have to be as lucky as a lottery ticket winner to catch an agent's eye. The process can take years. What you write might be hot in today's market, but not so trendy a year from now. Mind you, I did my due diligence. I sent out query after query letter, and slowly but surely, watched my Inbox fill up with rejections. However, you know you're doomed to be a writer when you can't seem to stop writing, can't seem to give up writing, so I decided to try something else. I turned to the friend of my generation: the Internet. 

With the opportunity to publish manuscripts as E-Books, through such companies as Amazon's Kindle program and Smashwords, the writer's goal of sharing his/her stories with global audiences is much more attainable. There are cons to E-Book publishing just as there are in traditional publishing. Amazon can choose to decrease the price of your E-Book to attract more customers. A traditional publisher can tell you to change your heroine's age to a much more marketable sixteen, because college age stories don't appeal to as wide of an audience.  Either way, I plan to follow the writer's creed of never giving up and embracing the trials that come, so bring on the challenge. I'll keep you posted here in the months to come. 

Until next time, keep your Kindle apps close. The countdown to book launch begins!

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