Sunday, August 19, 2012


Can you tell I'm excited? :)

A full summary and a peek inside YEAR OF THE WOLF is available on Amazon:

It is the fourth search result in Amazon All Departments if you search for the title, "Year of the Wolf" in quotes. It is the seventh search result if you look directly in the Kindle store, no quotes. It is one of only two items that pop up if you search for my name - that, and a magazine by a certain Hugh Hefner... Well, what can I say.



YEAR OF THE WOLF is now available on the following Amazon Kindle e-readers and apps:

1. Kindle Fire
2. Kindle application for iPad
3. Kindle DX
4. Kindle Touch
5. Kindle
6. Kindle application for iPhone

Steps for downloading to iPad or iPhone Kindle apps:


1. The Kindle application (app) is *free* for iPad and iPhone users, however, you must have an Amazon account in which you have made a purchase in in order to register your Kindle app. When the app asks for you to register your "Kindle," just use that account's email and password. 

2. Go online and look up "Year of the Wolf" on Amazon. Quotations should narrow the search field down nicely. There's an adorable story about puppies that's still ahead of mine. 

3.  Do a 1-click purchase, or view the free sample that can be sent to your app device. 

4. The book should be downloaded onto your Kindle app in no time!



The apps are ranked from best presentation to worst. Kindle Fire and the iPad Kindle app are by far the best, because they support color picture for a fully embellished cover, and they allow variety in font styles. I tried out the iPad Kindle this morning, and it looks great! (Thank God)

The Kindle DX, Touch, and Kindle are nice, although you might notice that currently, the font style is uniform across the board. Originally, font style was used to tell the reader which character's viewpoint the chapter was from, but now, the E-book has been formatted to have the Table of Contents entries indented slightly for chapters featuring younger sister Raina's viewpoint.

The iPhone... Well, what can I say. It's a phone. You should have no problem reading the story, but you can only make a phone screen so big. If you're waiting in a long line for something, it is pretty nice to have a ton of reading material in your small phone.

The Kindle "Click to look inside the pages!" on the Amazon purchase page will give you roughly a four chapter sample to read. Don't worry if there seem to be no chapter breaks, that's just the format of the Kindle "Click to look inside!", and not how the purchased E-book looks. 

Again, a big thanks to everyone who supported me up until the last hour of revisions and hitting *gasp* the "Save and Publish" button. We did it!

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