Friday, January 4, 2013

YEAR OF THE TIGER is Published

Thank you to every one of my readers! This has been an incredible experience so far. I truly, truly appreciate your support.

I've been getting a lot of heat for ending the last book in a cliffhanger... I deserve it, I'm evil like that.

However, I think you will be pleased with the direction YEAR OF THE TIGER goes. 

Thank you again, and without further ado, below is the link to the second book in the Changeling Sisters series. I look forward to expanding to Barnes and Noble and Smashwords soon! If you would like to rate, review, or like Book I: YEAR OF THE WOLF, it can be found on,, and now has its own Facebook group. Cheers!

In the second book of the Changeling Sisters series:

Citlalli spearheads the mission to rescue her sister when she accepts an invitation to the treacherous Vampyre Court. Meanwhile, Raina discovers a transformative family secret of her own. As sides in the Were War grow blurrier, the innocent fall, ghosts pray for second chances, and each of the sisters’ budding romances face the trial of a lifetime. The Lunar New Year is coming, and the only thing certain is family.

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