Saturday, January 9, 2016

Changeling Sisters Book III: Year of the Dragon Cover Reveal!

~Coming March 2016~

“I was supposed to die, but I didn’t. I survived the war. The Vampyre Queen rallied us together: different nationalities; the living and the dead; hell, even a vampyre fought with us toward the end. But now, there’s nothing holding us together. And I begin to realize how many “friends” went into this expecting to come out alive because they have plans for this peninsula. They have plans for the city I call home…”

CITLALLI ALVAREZ rescued her sister, became Alpha of the Seoul werewolf pack, and restored balance to the spirit world of Eve—all while waiting tables on the weekends. However, she still can’t go to the Boryeong Mud Festival like a normal eighteen-year-old, not when her friend Una is a prisoner of a nine-hundred-year-old monster, and the side effects of having a broken soul have begun to splinter her personality irreversibly. Then there’s that little matter of being life-bonded to Vampyre Prince Khyber, whom her ex-lover Rafael has vowed to destroy no matter what. Priorities, priorities. 

Meanwhile, Raina Alvarez meets her father’s family, the prestigious and secretive Yong clan, who teach her the responsibilities that come along with being the new Spring Dragon. In order to take her place amongst the Celestial Dragons who oversee the turn of the seasons, Raina must compete in the Trials of Wisdom against her three cunning dragon-shifter siblings and face her fears of Eve.

However, not everyone is happy about the rise of the Celestial Dragons in the East. Gods of blood and nightmares begin to stir in the West. Old enemies join forces with ruthless new ones, eager to fill the power vacuum the Vampyre Queen left behind. 

After all, the only thing standing in their way is a pair of sisters.

Year of the Wolf (Book 1)
Year of the Tiger (Book 2)
Year of the Dragon (Book 3)
Year of the Rat (Forthcoming Book 4) 
Year of the Snake (Forthcoming Book 5) 
Year of the Rooster (Final Forthcoming Book 6)

Mini-adventures featuring secondary characters in the Changeling Sisters Series: 

Year of the Boar: Tica (Book 1.5) 
And more to come!

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