Saturday, February 27, 2016

Year of the Dragon Sneak Peek Chapters available on!

Read three sneak peeks into the upcoming Year of the Dragon (Changeling Sisters #3)!

Available on here.

Meet the Yongs! At the end of Year of the Tiger (Changeling Sisters #2), Raina briefly meets her father, the head of a mysterious hi-tech organization. Now in Year of the Dragon, Raina meets the half-siblings she never knew she had with the support of Citlalli:

Chapter 7: The Pearl: Meet Yong Heesu, Raina's younger half-sister, the cheerful Summer Dragon!

Chapter 10: Yong Enterprises: Meet Raina's father, Yong Mun Mu, the fire-breathing Guardian of the East Sea, and Yong Sun Bin, his temperamental eldest daughter, the vicious Winter Dragon.

Chapter 27: The Energy Dragon: Meet Yong Ankor, Raina's older half-brother and Sun Bin's fraternal twin, the studious and sarcastic Autumn Dragon (Upcoming)

Year of the Dragon will be published in March 19, 2016 on

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