Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ireland Travel Series: Sligo, Ireland

This is Part VIII of the Ireland Travel Series. Read Part I here.

ABOUT TWO HOURS NORTH of Galway lies Sligo, near the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland. This town has a mix of the historical mixed with the industrial, as well as many neighboring country homes. We were fortunate to stay with a family friend who whipped us up some prime Irish coffees every night and introduced us to friends going out for the night.

We visited The Beach Bar (, which had the foresight to offer both surfing lessons as well as beer! Sligo is situated on a gray bay with loads dark, craggy sand and shells, but the waves make for good surfing. The Beach Bar offers lessons for all levels of surfer. I was extremely impressed with the trio of wet suited folks who trooped in from the pitch-black evening outside and ordered up a round. The autumn was so cold that the hot spiced whiskey I had really hit the spot.

We also toured the local scene to see the colorful array of houses and even attended a rugby match. Sligo is home to the Sligo RFC Team at Hamilton Park. Other sights include the beautiful St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Glasshouse Hotel, and the pretty Garavogue River that runs through the town. This can be a spot to launch your trip up to Northern Ireland, but at this time, we were focused on visiting family friends.

We ended the trip with a final round at The Beach Bar. Surrounded by good cheer (and good beer), there is no place the captures the wild, rugged human spirit like the rolling green hills of Ireland.

Sights of the countryside.

Here ends the Ireland Travel Series. Until our next adventure!

Disclaimer: the above is presented as fiction, not fact.

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