Monday, September 4, 2017

September 2017 Book Review: The Grimm Legacy

The Grimm Legacy
By Polly Shulman
~Book Review~ 

*Warning! Spoilers!

THIS IS A HEART-WARMING middle school read in the vein of modern-day fairy tales. Elizabeth is lonely and has trouble fitting into a new school but her luck perks up when she accepts a job at a mysterious repository where patrons check out ancient artifacts instead of books. However, Elizabeth soon catches on that some of the artifacts are far from normal. When objects belonging to these “special” collections start going missing, suspicion falls on her group of newfound repository friends.

The Grimm Legacy is a nice change of pace. Light-hearted, fun, and full of curious rooms to explore like the Garden of Seasons or the sci-fi chamber with its own shrink ray, I was endlessly entertained by where Elizabeth would end up next. Of course, the star of the repository is the Grimm Collection, full of cauldrons that can make delicious meals, seven league boots, and magic carpets. I was mentally urging Elizabeth to hurry up and discover its secret, but eventually, she realizes how much of a unique job she has undertaken. Elizabeth has a well-depicted diverse group of friends with the lovely, intelligent Anjali, handsome jock type Marc who struggles to juggle family obligations, and the sarcastically humorous Aaron. Elizabeth learns to speak up for herself and not to be bossed around by others, especially once it becomes clear that not everyone’s interest in the Grimm Collection is benign. However, it is Anjali’s younger sister Jaya who most often steals the scene, declaring herself the defender of the group by handcrafting special “protection” knots as they go after the artifact thieves.

The charm and creativity of this book is something lacking in many fantasy tales these days that feel like a flat rehash of other authors’ ideas. I felt like I was reading something more along the lines of Harry Potter with the spark and right touch of magic to make the pages fly by. Much recommended when you’re in the mood for a slower read that takes its time to reveal a wondrous secret world.

Recommended for fans of: Lloyd Alexander, JK Rowling, Terry Brooks

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