Monday, September 4, 2017

Update on Writing Projects

When I realized it was September, my jaw literally dropped. Seriously, where has this year gone? It has been quite the whirlwind. Writing will always be my passion, and I have big plans for the Changeling Sisters Series and the Afterlife Chronicles in the years ahead. However, this year has been gobbled up largely by personal life events, one of which involves wedding bells - enough said! I could start an entire separate blog on the intricacies of wedding planning in today's age. Those of you who elope are pretty smart :) However, I have faith that the big day will all come together and I am truly looking forward to it. 

As such, please know that I have continued writing on the newest Changeling Sisters novel, Year of the Rat, in all of my spare time. Soon of which, I will have much more of! So thank you for hanging on, faithful readers, and I hope that all of you as well on the day-to-day will be blessed with that elusive gift of time. 


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